The dilatance technology is complex from the theoretical point of view, but at the same time easy in practical application, and can be used for the treatment of almost exhausted wells, operational wells or newly commissioned wells in the deposits of underground fluids.

Уникальность технологии 2

Within one month from the moment of receiving the maximum possible data on the well, the testing of samples of the core material will be performed in order to determine their physical and mechanical properties in dynamic mode, as well as the necessary calculations, modeling and estimates required for optimizing the explosion effect of a 2-3 section explosive charge on the specific producing formation of the well for ensuring the 100% guarantee of positive effect. The internal design of some of the most widespread dilatance torpedoes is illustrated in the figure below. The on-site operations (detonation of the torpedo in the well) take 1-2 days.
The explosive device (torpedo) contains standard explosive substances such as TNT and/or hexogen, certified for geophysical works.

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