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The dilatance technology

is used for intensification of hydrocarbons recovery by means of directed and predictable changing of properties of the reservoir formation. The dilatance treatment (i.e. a series of successive explosions in the well within the boundaries of the reservoir formation of 2 or 3 low-yield charges with a preset delay time between the explosions) forms a stable area with a radius of up to 20 meters within the reservoir collector with changed physical and mechanical properties as a result of creation of a volumetric network of micro-cracks and pores providing an increased permeability of the formation and, correspondingly, an increased inflow of the recovered fluid.

On-site operations take 1-2 days, preceded by the designing stage (21-25 days), in which the dynamic characteristics of the producing formation are determined using a core sample with account of geophysical data, and the mathematical modeling of amplitude and time parameters of explosion waves and their evolution with distance from the epicenter of explosion is performed. The result of this stage is the calculation of the parameters of treatment and the estimated increase of well productivity after dilatance treatment.

The dilatance treatment does not affect the environment and allows multiple (if required) use in the same wells. Operation of wells and starting of production can be commenced immediately after the work performance and cleaning of the well. In the process of calculation of the treatment one of the main factors taken into account is the requirement of retaining the integrity and hermeticity of the boring casing. For this purpose the weight of a single charge is limited to a maximum mass of 5 kg, which is absolutely safe for a boring casing in good condition. In case of reasonable concerns about the technical condition of the boring casing special protection devices reducing the shockwave by 5-50 times are used.

During the past 20 years the dilatance technology has been used on dozens of oil and gas wells in Russia, Ukraine, China and the United States. The range of increase of well productivity is from 2 up to 7 times for gas recovery and from 1,5 up to 3,5 times for oil recovery. The average duration of the positive effect is 3 years.


The technology has been developed by a group
of Kiev scientists headed by the Doctor of technical sciences A.V. Mikhalyuk
(1934 – 2012)

on the basis of the research performed by the division of borehole technologies of the Department of geodynamics of the Institute of geology and geophysics named after Subbotin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The main research-and-development basis of the dilatance technology was formed in the process of production of raw uranium using the leaching method, for building large underground strategic storage facilities, roads in conditions of perpetually frozen soil and swamplands of the North, and for development of geothermal sources of energy.

In 1991 the results of the research of the dilatance technology were declassified. In the same year the development team organized the Scientific and Production Company “Geotechnology” (Director General Yevgeniy Mukhin) for the implementation of the dilatance technology. Currently, the issues of commercial use, implementation and further development of the technology of dilatance decompaction of formations (including the representation of interests of the Scientific and Production Company “Geotechnology”) are exclusively in the competence of LLC “Dilatancegeoservice”, Ukraine (Director General Aleksandr Ostrovskiy).

Presentation of Dilatance Technology”
Typical procedure of dilatance treatment of oil, gas and water wells

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